So what is Dayz Standalone?

  DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival horror video game
 in development by Bohemia Interactive and the stand-alone version of the award-winning mod of the same name. 
The game was released on 16 December 2013 on PC for Microsoft Windows via digital distribution
platform Steam,
 and is currently in early alpha testing. 
The game places the player in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, where an unknown virus has turned most of the population into violent zombies.
 As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies, and killing,
 avoiding or co-opting other players in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse.

How Do I use the file?

All you have to do is download and install the game. 
The game is already activated and ready to use.
We recomend you that you test your computer here Computer Check by reequirementslab so you know if you can play the game on your computer.
 The game offers good graphics and nice environment. If you have any questions feel free to email us @

How do I get it for free?

Thats a good question and I have the answer you are looking for.
You can download the FULL game directly from our servers.
After you downloaded the file just open the installer.
Install Dayz Standalone. After that you can add the game to steam.

(Cracked Version, But MultiPlayer Works)

WORKING verified today,

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